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External Links

General Links

Goofle Search engine
IMDB Internet Movie Database... can't beat it.
Wikipedia Internet Encyclopedia. As accurate at the pro's
Dictionary Quick lookup and thesaurus.


Dilbert Office Humour - strangely true under observation. Who! are you!
OOTS AD&D 3rd Ed comic strip.


Mozilla Firefox Excellent web browser... use it, or get all the bugs with MS IE.
Mozilla Thunderbird The only email client with a text only. Stop all those nasties in their tracks.
Trillian Great IM Client which supports all the big ones.
Gaim Another great IM client which supports all the big ones.

Graphics Software

Povray One of the best scripted 3D rendering programs.
Blender3D The best 3D modelling and animation program. Full GUI, and a fantastic tool.
The Gimp Best Free graphics editing tool
Photoshop CS2 Expensive, but can't be beaten for a commercial offering for graphics editing... The defacto standard.
Webshots Wallpaper heaven.
Frontcam screen capture
VirtualDub basic video editing and auto mixing
Terragen Excellent package for generating landscapes

Software platforms

Red Hat Fedora Core X - reasonable Linux implimentation.
Other Linux Platforms SUSE, Debian, FreeBSD, Slackware, Ubuntu, Mandriva/Mandrake!
Knoppix Live CD Boot off a CD, really useful for diagnostics... most platforms.
Apache Best web server on the planet
MySQL Free robust SQL Server
PHP PHP Hypertext Preprocessor scripting.
Sourceforge Great source of useful FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). Support it.


AVG An excellent virus checker. Free version for non-commercial home use.
AdAware Spyware removal tools
HijackThis Useful tools for removal of nasties... Expert users only - you can damage your OS with this.

Domain Hosting and Registration

UKREG Cheap domain registration with email and web forwarding, as well as control over DNS server information


World of Spectrum All things ZX Spectrum. Very big games Archive and search facility - well worth a visit for those of a nostalgic nature.

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